About Us

Disant Engineers manufacturer of Helical and worm reduction unit also other mechenical power transmission equipments. As a result of the last 30 years of experiance our products are built to high degree of efficency with absolute reliable in operation and excellent ratio cost/rating. The gear casings are manufactured from high grade cast iron and are liberally designed for maximum heat dissipation and cool running. Gears and pinions are made from steel which are specially heattreated.


In addition to our standard range of production of 0.16 HP to 30 HP, 0.5 to 500 RPM as detaild in our price list, other sizes can be offered on specific enquiries.


Electric motors used in gear units are totally enclosed fan cooled, squirrel cage type induction motors suitable for this operation on 415V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase, AC Supply, generally IP insulation and as per IS:325. However electric motors with different electrical/mechanical characteristics can also be offered.


Bearings and gears are lubricated by normal splashing of oil and requires no special attention for long periods. First fill of oil is not supplied. All geared motors are provided with oil filler cum breather plug, drain plug and oil level indicator. The first change of oil should be made after approximately 350 to 450 operating hours. The recommended oils are indian oilServomesh SP 60 or Hindustan PertoleumGervil EP 5 or 4 equivalent.


Normal duty and heavy duty series geared motors are available under our regular manufacturing programme. Light duty and extra heavy duty series can be offered on specific enquiries. General guidance regarding proper selection of geared motor can be given on supply of data regarding HP, output speed, nature of load etc.


All components are tested to rigid standards of tolerances. Assembled gear units are tested on no load for noise level, oil leakage and temperature rise.


Geared motors can be supplied in any mounting positions. The motor terminal box is supplied on right hand side looking from the output shaft and can be changed to 90180° as required.


The following details are to be furnished alongwith enquiry.

  • Load in HP or KW.
  • & 0/P rpm/ratio.
  • Torque in kg-m.
  • Supply voltage and frequency details.
  • Operating conditions such as peak or shock loads giving magnitude and duration, ambient conditions (i.e) temperature humidity etc. number of operating hours per day and mounting position.


  • DGM geared motors,
  • Incorporating liberally designed and perfectly aligned pinions, gears and bearings are compact, light in weight and provide a very economic, efficient and trouble free method of speed reduction.
  • DGM geared motors are suitable for reversible drive and are supplied for various mounting positions depending upon requirement.
  • DGM geared motors incorporate electric motors of proven design evolved over 30 Years' manufacturing experience.
  • DGM geared motors are available at very short notice.